Go Cool this Summer with a Steady AC

As the summer sets in, ACs become indispensable. Just as the sale of ACs increases, the maintenance and repair of ACs also gain importance.
Repair of rundown machines because of long periods of use has to be taken care of by reliable and skilled AC repair centers.In the town of Kalyani, district Nadia of West Bengal, summer temperatures soar up unbearably.Go Cool AC Services is the most reliable for AC repairing in Kalyani.They are highly attractive because they provide ready at hand customer support with the help of skilled technicians and an extensive stock of spare parts required for all brands of ACs in the marke.Their technicians are trained experts in handling all brands and kinds of AC machines.

Services provided by Go Cool AC Services:

  • Go Cool AC Services provides 24/7 on-site services at the customer’s first call.
  • They even provide heavy vehicles when ACs need to shift somewhere else.They can change as well as set up AC machines at fresh positions.
  • They specialize in handling both windows, as well as split ACs.
  • They are readily available for emergency repairs, replacement of AC parts and cleaning of machines.
  • Go Cool AC Services keeps records of the services provided to willing customers, and themselves remind the customers of the due date of AC servicing.
  • Their technicians are trained and experienced in handling all brands of ACs.
  • They have tie-ups with leading AC manufacturers to help in case of any particular, brand-specific problems.
  • They also have peripheral repair services for refrigerators, TVs, and coolers.
  • Go Cool AC Services is highly reliable, even considering the affordable cost of all the services provided by them.

Branch Details

Branch 1:
A1 Home Appliances:
APC Roy Road, Ghola, sodepore, Kolkata - 111
Contact : +91-9051428281 / 8584909900

Branch 2 :
Dutta Cooling
Nilgung Road, Rathtala, Belgharia, Kolkata - 56.
Contact : +91-9051428281 / 8584909900

Branch 3 :
A1 Service+
Near Airport NO.1 Gate. Kolkata.
Contact : +91-9051428281 / 8584909900

Branch 4 :
A-One Service
Konnagar, Hoogly -
Branch 5 :
Mou Refrigeration
Badamtala, GP Road, Barrackpore, Kolkata -

Branch 6 :
Mandal Repairs And Service Centre , Murshidabad , Baharampur
Gandhi Colony, Bahrampore, Murshidabad - 742101.

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